SUMMARY: Floppy Fiasco

From: Mike Adamski (
Date: Thu Jun 01 1995 - 01:36:30 CDT

Sparc 10's & 20's, 2.4 all the way. Running vold, and I ain't turning it off!
                                                       (so there!)

My original questions, paraphrased for your comfort:

1.) From a raw Floppy, how do I get to a ufs vold mountable floppy that
        the average bozo (user) can use?

2.) Again, from a raw floppy, how can my bozos get to a 'tarrable' floppy (not
        necessarily a ufs flop).

Fun to Read:

Well folks, I gotta thank all of you for your multitudes of magnanimous inputs!
I think I now have a real solution that is worth publishing, so here goes.

First of all, It's obvious that there's ALOT of confusion out there on this
topic. Sun guys at Tech-confusion, uh, er-support, couldn't yield a correct
solution. Then the feedback that I got from y'all, the Gods of SunLand, had
many many solutions that just plain didn't work for the average case. Lots of
Us seem to have custom cute ways of finding their floppies, and honestly, I
can't blame any of us! With backward compatibility & SVR4 compatibility, there's
about a bajillion places to get at your flop! I don't think I'll post them here,
since it'll only confuse us more. The common denomenator problem is that some
of the directories add things like unnamed_floppy#1, unnamed_floppy#2 yaddah,
yaddah...never referencing the flop the same way twice! (Oh, how helpful!)


How To:

1.) ufs vold mountable floppy:

Shlep raw flopper into the drive (What? Manual Labor?)

fdformat -U (this will unmount the flop if vold got in your way)

                                                    When the dots stop dotting,

newfs /vol/dev/aliases/floppy0

eject floppy

ReShlep floppy back into the drive (because perms get all screwed up if you
                                          don't spit out the flop & reinsert it)

volcheck (tells vold 'Hey Goober! I put a floppy in da drive!')

Access floppy simply & easily at this convenient location:


2.) 'tarrable' floppy:

fdformat -U (Watch the'll feel really wierd for a second...)

volcheck ( CAN hear the hyperdrive engage!)

tar cvf /vol/dev/aliases/floppy0 Files_U_wanna_Tar (Wash da tar off you hands!)

eject floppy (Please hold onto the bar!)

Put floppy in back pocket and keep warm.

I hope you've enjoyed our litle time together!


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