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Thanks so much to all who replied.
Especially to:
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Original Question:
To Sun Managers:
I need any advice or information in reference to WABI. We are currently
considering to upgrade from SunOS 4.1.2 to Solaris 2.x environmnet. We also
like to run WABI on Solaris 2.x (probably 2.4) so that we can run Windows
applications on SPARCstations. My concern is the following:
1). Performance.
2). Compatibility. (i.e. Are files transparent between PCs and
SPARCstations?) 3). Memory Management. (Does it allocate a certain amount
of RAM for WABI only or dynamically allocated?) 4). How does a network
version of Windows application run? 5). Does WABI require a dedicated
Any other information will be appreciated. I would like to thank all of you
in advance for your time and concern.
1). Performance
  It's acceptable as long as you use SS10s or higher machines. The SS20
would be comparable to a Pentium. However many people recommended to run
WABI under Solarus 2.4 for x86 on Pentium machines. Please be advised that
performance drops as the number of users increases.
2). Compatibility
  In general data files are compatible. However, many Windows based
application won't run under WABI. The following is the list of supported
Windows applications from Sun:
Applications That Will Be PCDI-Certified To Run Under Wabi 2.0 (PCDI is
Personal Computer Desktop Integration, the part of Sun Microsystems that
develops Wabi.)
        (List Subject To Change Before Wabi 2.0 Final Release)
        Last Updated 94/09/06 (Revision 1.14)
        Individual Applications
        * Microsoft Excel(tm) 5.0 (or 4.0)
        * Microsoft Word for Windows(tm) 6.0 (or 2.0)
        * Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows(tm) 4.01 (or 1.1)
        * WordPerfect for Windows(tm) 6.0 (or 5.2) [6.0a desirable]
        * Microsoft PowerPoint(tm) 4.0 (or 3.0)
        * Microsoft Project(tm) 3.0
        * Harvard Graphics for Windows(tm) 2.0 (or 1.0)
        * CorelDRAW 4.0 (or 3.0b)
        * Lotus AmiPro(tm) 3.01 (or 3.0)
        * Aldus PageMaker(tm) 5.0 (or 4.0)
        * Microsoft Windows 3.1.1 (or 3.1)
        * Borland Paradox for Windows(tm) 4.5 (or V1.0)
        * Borland Quattro(R) Pro For Windows 5.0 (or V1.0)
        * PROCOMM PLUS for Windows(tm) 1.02 (or 1.0)
        * Lotus Approach 2.1
        * Lotus Freelance Graphics 2.01
        * Lotus Organizer 1.1
        * Lotus CC:Mail Client 2.0
        * Lotus Notes Client 3.0c
        * Microsoft Mail Client 3.2
        * Microsoft Access 2.0
        * Intuit Quicken 3.0
        (All apps are included in above list)
        * MS Office 4.3 (including unified install) (also 3.0)
        * Lotus SmartSuite 2.0
        * Borland Office 2.0 (install not committed yet)
3). Memory Management
  It is a big UNIX process, and it requires more RAM as you open up more
applications. The issue is not the size of RAM, but the HD space. One
reponded that he needed 100MB per user for a Windows application.
4). How does a network version od Windows application run?
  Many people responded that it WABI does not support any PC networking, it
will not work with Windows for Workgroups or NT. However, if you put
applications on a central directory on the file server and share the
executables from client stations, it will work.
5). Does WABI require a dedicated printer.
  No. you can use any lp/lpr accesible printer.
Overall, many people recommended WABI on Pentium machines.
If you want to get a list of frequently asked questions and answers about
configuring and using the current version Wabi 1.x, send email
        To: wabi1.0-questions@East.Sun.COM.
or To: wabi1.1-questions@East.Sun.COM.
If you want to get information about apps that run under the current
version Wabi 1.x, send email
        To: wabi1.0-apps@East.Sun.COM.
or To: wabi1.1-apps@East.Sun.COM.
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