Summary : Diskless clients cant run x11, xinit can not connect to socket, Help !

From: Pamela S. Pledger (pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM)
Date: Tue May 30 1995 - 23:58:29 CDT

        Well, Finally a summary from me.
The problem turned out to be that there were files/directories
in /tmp that were conflicting with X11 and NeWS. Removing them
fixed the problem. The fix was found in sunsolve. Here was the solution :
# cd /export/root
# rm -rf */tmp/.[NX][1e][1W]*

        They are all now working.

> Today's problem : we moved the diskless client support
> from a sunos 4.1.3 machine to a solaris 2.4. This was done by
> moving /export, /tftpboot, and starting the daemons.
> The sun4.sunos clients are having some sort of socket problem
> with xinit. Because they were all pointed at the old diskless
> client server's /usr, that was copied to another location on /export
> ( Where everything was once linked... ), and they were told to mount
> that. Could that be fouled up? Could that cause the problem?
> Any ideas out there? Xinit give error #38, if that helps.
> ( It didn't help me. The manpages don't mention it. )

Pamela Pledger
Unix System Administration
Legato Systems, Inc

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