SUMMARY: ISDN, 5ess, sparc 10

From: Phil Brown (
Date: Fri May 26 1995 - 13:18:54 CDT

I FINALLY got ISDN working on my sparc 10 at home.
With an AT&T 5ess switch.

Not because of net help.
Not because of Sun "technical support".
But because I got my hands on Solaris 2.5 "pre-beta" from sunworld.

It has a new version of PPP (async) that does the trick.
I am using it with SunLINK ISDN patch 102xxx, btw.
There are two SunLINK ISDN patches. one start with 101, the other
with 102

The reason I am using the patches instead of straight SunLINK ISDN, is
that S.I. comes with its own ppp drivers that are not in pkgadd format.
(and they are sync ppp)
Whereas the ones with the OS are async PPP.

Without this, my sparc would either just not connect.. or LOCK UP.
I don't know how much the locking up had to do with it being a
multiprocessor machine. But it sure has been an annoying trail.

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