SUMMARY: Question about partitioning / and /usr

From: Derrick D. Hongerholt (
Date: Sat May 27 1995 - 15:38:11 CDT


I would like to thank all the people who responded to my message. It seems that most people
recommend repartitioning the /home directory to put the /var, /tmp, and part of the /usr
directory on it. One word of caution which was pointed out by Perry Hutchison is that if you
put part of the /usr on a different partition it will not be available in single user mode.

Some others suggested backing up using a level 0 dump then repartioning the / and /usr then
restoring from backup. The problem here is that it appears you must reboot from some other
device, be it a disk with another boot block or a cdrom. See the manual on restoring the /
and /usr partions which have been destroyed. I believe this is similar to what you have to do.

Also if you have two systems you can easily do this (repartion and restore) on a second system
while the original is down. I am not that lucky.

Upgading to Solaris 2.4 would be good at this time also, since it apparently allows for increasing
partition size without doing newfs.

Thank You,

Derrick Hongerholt

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