SUMMARY- le0- No carrier- error...

Date: Wed May 24 1995 - 01:36:16 CDT

Thanks to all who responded on this problem.

My original question:

!! Dear Sun Managers-
!! I have been experiencing a problem with my ethernet interface le0
!! for sometime now. The message that I get over and over is:
!! le0: No carrier - transceiver cable problem?
!! But all it really does is interrpt communications off and on.
!! I have a Sun 4/330 running SunOS 4.1.3, also out subnet is becoming
!! quite populated- approx. 210 hosts, a mix of Suns, SGIs, Macs and PCs.
!! Mostly Macs and PCs.
!! This has been going for about 2 months, I changed the transceiver, and
!! the drop cable. Several months ago, I had an old Sun 3/60 on this
!! subnet and it experience the same problem... but it is gone.
!! I notice with xsysstat that the network load is fairly high off and on
!! during the day. Is this a matter of the ethernet interface being
!! unable to keep up with traffic, or is it a slowly failing ethernet
!! interface.
!! Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.
!! Stephen Hauskins
!! Biology

Everyone seem to think that it was a cabling and/or connector
problem, and it turns out to be true.

It turns out that two Macintoshes were installed on my servers thinnet
spoke, using friendlynet adaptors. But instead of putting coax cable
straight through on the FriendlyNet Adaptors, the installer put T
connectors on each (2) of these adaptors and left the other side without
any connection (open).

I redid cabling so that thinnet now runs in one side and out the other
of each adaptor and everything is fine now.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks Again

Stephen Hauskins
UCSC Biology

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