SUMMARY: ppp and Subnetting

From: Fausto Almeida (
Date: Thu May 18 1995 - 09:02:57 CDT


Thanks to all that replied! The issue must have merit since I received two
summary requests and in the answers there were a few complaints about the
Sun implementation of ppp for not being able to do in a straigthforward
maner what I was trying to do.

The best solution, which I tried with complete success, was provided by:
Leonard Sitongia <> and
(Chris Bolan).
> I think this is solved by setting up a proxy arp on the local host that
> is the endpoint of the PPP host, the gateway. This is so that the
> ethernet address of the gateway is also assigned to the PPP host, so that
> packets can route back to the PPP host from your local net.
> arp -s ppp-host ether-addr-of-gateway pub
> Leonard

A -proxyarp option was also mentioned by
(Phil Gaskell). This either is the same thing or an even neater way of
configuring the ppp connection. But I couldn't find anything in the ppp manuals.

Others sugested static routes in every server I wanted to communicate with:

    route add host 1

Others sugested buying a terminal server with ppp protocol like Annex3 or
Morningstar's PPP software.

Almost everyone agreed that subnetting would work if I could spare half of
the adresses (less if I dived my network in more than two halves). I can do
that and will eventualy do it if I expand the ppp service, or use it to
connect two networks.

Thanks again to all of you that replied:
  Leonard Sitongia <>
  "Henry Katz" <>
  Michael Ramchand <> (Phil Gaskell)
  "Peter A. Starceski" <> (Rahul Roy) (Chris Bolan) (Bill Maggio) (Patrick Wolfe)


Here's my original message:
> Hi,
> I've just set up a ppp server (Solaris 2.4 point to point link, ppp end
> point adresses are the same as the primary host adresses):
> remote host ppp local host local net
> <-----------> <---------->
> Everything went fine and my remote host was able to setup the link and
> communicate with my local host, but not with the other hosts in my local net.
> I know my remote host should be in another net so that my local host could
> act as a router between the two, but the problem is that I just have a class C
> adress available!
> Does anyone know for shure if I could do it using subnetting?
> Thanks.
> --Fausto

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