Re: Solaris x86 and uucp - SUMMARY

From: Dan Mick (dmick@West.Sun.COM)
Date: Wed May 10 1995 - 01:08:32 CDT

In article <>,
Holger Teutsch <> wrote:
> Alan Robson wrote in article <3kra49$> :
>>Thanks to everyone who replied. The problem is now fixed. I included:
>> "" P_ZERO
>>in the Dialers chat script and the problem went away. You can put it in
>>the Systems chat script instead, and that works just as well but I feel
>>the Dialers solution is more elegant and I've stuck with that.
>>I was also advised that I can explicitly set line characteristics with:
>> "" STTY=this'n'that
>>in the Dialers script as well. As it happens i don't need this; the line
>>settings are fine, but I mention it for completeness sake.
>My observation is that you MUST use
> "" STTY=cs8 "" STTY=-parenb "" STTY=-istrip "" P_ZERO

Note that I believe you can combine these with "STTY=cs8,-parenb,-istrip"

>if you want to use the same dialer for ppp. I think P_ZERO is NOT redundant
>to "" STTY=cs8 "" STTY=-parenb as dial(3) seems to use a kind of extra `soft'
>parity generation that is turned off with P_ZERO.

P_ZERO, P_ONE, P_EVEN and P_ODD all affect only the characters sent by
uucp (it's an internal translation table) and thus only have any effect
on cs8 lines. Yes, the documentation is misleading; I'm trying to get
it fixed.

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