SUMMARY: HSFS CDROM with Rock Ridge extension support on SunOS 4.1.1

From: Brett Newton-Palmer (
Date: Fri May 12 1995 - 10:36:11 CDT


    I got this sorted out, thanks to those of you replied & pointed me in
    the right direction! Anyway, the original PROBLEM was :

> I recently tried out the loadable device-driver stuff, supplied with
> Solaris 2.4 (in the script "inst.rr"), to get RockRidge-Reading
> capability(TM :^) but it fails to work on my IPC running SunOS 4.1.1.
> I know I can upgrade to 4.1.3, bit I've got a SLIP-patched kernel, &
> don't wish to spend the time to re-do this just yet ......
> I get the following upon boot from the "modload" command:
> #echo "Loading HSFS with Rock-Ridge extensions ..."
> /usr/etc/modload /usr/modules/hsfs.o -entry _rripinit
> modload - vfssw is full
> " - can't load this module : not enough memory

    And the SOLUTION was:

> You probably need to reconfigure the 4.1.1 kernel and add "options VDDRV".

        This was already enabled.

> vfssw is the table that translates between VFS names and VFS ops. It
> is basically telling you that in an attempt to find a free slot in that
> table the FS module operations couldn't do so.
> You need to lose something - probably pcfs is the best bet - and possibly
> rebuild the kernel if they are statically linked in. NFS is the
> the other possibility...
> ...... /sys/os/vfs_conf.c is where the vfssw table is defined - you
> should be able to do something there...

    So, I removed TFS, LOFS & RFS from my kernel config, 'cause they took
    up vfssw stuct space (see the file "/sys/os/vfs_conf.c" to confirm
    this), and I didn't need them, then remade the kernel, and this freed
    up enough space to make it work after a reboot - without losing PCFS or

    One day I'll upgrade the O/S ... sure I will :^)

thanks to: (Koen Peeters) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

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