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Date: Tue May 09 1995 - 10:10:52 CDT

Thank you to:

Greg Harrison <>
Robert Lopez
Scott R Stonefield <>
Mark Hargrave
Stefan Jon Silverman
My original posting:
> Any information on network monitoring would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Have looked at netstat, scanned the SunUKUG cdrom
> have not found anything in the public domain. have found
> HP NetMetric in the commerical sector.
> I am sure there is lots out there. What is your
> experience ?
> Many Thanks in advance.
> Irana
The following have been used with a fair amount of success on SunOs 4.1.x and*

Other programs which are ftpable:

Xnetmon X Windows network monitoring prog.
Esniff.c Segment of code used to grab ethernet pkts
Etherman X Windows network monitoring utility which displays
                traffic and wait states between machines on the network.
Interman Similar to Etherman but better for WANS.
TCPtop Similar to SVR4 top command but deals with telnet, rlogin
                and ftp connections to your network.
Netman tools available from

etherfind (4.1.3) examine situations
snoop (Sol 2.3) Shows all ethernet traffic pkts
SunNet Manager (commercial) overall health baseline
                                        and problem notification.
Armon LAN probes on each bridged/routed
                                        segment of LANS.
SharpShooter from Aim Technology Contact Lisa Hanson:
                               for info.
Portables taken to problem areas:

MicroTest Penta Scanner Also tests/certifies/documents all new
                                cable runs.
HP WAN Protocol Analyser Good for baselining and other things.


Xyplex Control Point Monitoring/control terminal/print servers,
                                hubs abd brouters.
Accugraph MountainTop &
Physical Network Manager

Sharpshooter and SunNet Managercommercially available and work well in

Irana Whitaker-Patel
Sys. Admin.

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