SUMMARY: Help! Update to Solaris 2.4 -> STC card stopped working

From: Wolfram Schmidt (
Date: Thu May 11 1995 - 17:04:06 CDT

[ problem solved, see end of mail ]

I'm late, as always, but nevertheless...

12-Apr-1995 I asked:
] I have a problem which I need to solve ASAP.
] We have a SS10 with the Sun serial/paralllel controller board.
] Since I upgraded this machine to Solaris 2.4 (as of last week with
] up to date patches) the PAD and modem connected to the STC board
] no longer work. It seems DTR is not asserted so the modem won't answer
] incoming calls. It would not even dial when trying to dial out with
] kermit. The PAD is more strange. each time I connect it forgets the
] contents of its EEPROM/NVRAM/whatever.
] I had entries like this in /kernel/drv/stc.conf:
] # ttyz00 dial in PAD
] stc_0="cflow_msg:dtr_assert";
] # ttyz02 dial out PAD
] stc_2="cflow_msg:dtr_assert";
] # ttyz03 dial out PAD
] # ttyz06 MultiTech Modem (FAX)
] stc_6="cflow_msg:dtr_assert";
] Somewhere I had read that this needs to be in /kernel/drv/options.conf
] so I placed the entries there too.
] Is anybody able to give me some hints?
] (David Gunn) asnwered:
] We had a similar, albeit not identical, situation that may help.
] We upgraded from an IPX to a SPARC5 running Solaris 1.1.1. The IPX
] had an SPC/S, and our concern was that we would be able to use it on
] the SS5. Sun informed us that we could as long as it had a part
] number of 5011931 or later (those that have a part number of 5011511
] will not work). Fortunately, the part number was 5011931. (You see
] the part number on a small white sticker with a barcode on the SBUS
] card itself.) A salesperson at Merisel informed us that this would
] also work in Solaris 2.4.
] The next step was to to get our hands on a device driver for the sun4m
] architecture; the one we had was for the IPX's sun4c architecture.
] Getting my hands on the driver was not an easy matter, but after
] getting bounced back and forth between SunService and Sun Telesales I
] was told that patch 101154-02 would work. Sure enough, after
] installing the patch it would work.
] Unfortunately, it's a SunOS 4.1.3 patch, but hopefully this scenario
] will be of help in resolving your problem.

The only number on my board that looks like a part number does not look
very similar to this numbers. (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) answered:
] You can pretty much stop there :-)/2 - we've seen nothing but problems
] with the driver for these boards, and usually recommend third party boards.

That was not too helpful either.

Sorry guys.

As a temporary solution I tried to install the driver from the Solaris
2.3 STC jumbo patch. It worked.

Then I asked the the Sun hotline in Germany since Solaris 2.4 was
delivered when we still had a service contracd with them.
After two days I was informed that there was a patch in the works and
that they would send it to me.

I also asked our authorized service provider. They could not reproduce
the problem. Neither could Sun UK (obviously the cooperate with them).
After asking many questions and asking me to test this and that (I could
only do half of the tests since I cannot shut down this machine just
to play around). Finally (yesterday) they sent the patch Sun Germany told
me about.


Install Patch 102121-02.


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