SUmmary: Question: How to solve SparcPrinter offline problem ?

From: Yen-Wen Chen (
Date: Thu May 11 1995 - 14:19:35 CDT

Hi, Sun Managers:

    At first, thanks all people who give me sugestion and information.

    I received message from our mail daemon: can't send this message to
    sun_manager list, so I resend it once. If this message is duplicated,
    please ignore it.

    I got many answers, and summary it as follows:

I. from David Beard<>
    Try something like
        # ps waux | grep daemon
    and kill -9 any processes connected with newsprint, e.g.
        /usr/newsprint/small_openwin/bin/xnews -cubesize large

    You might then need to do a "lpc restart". Either or both of these
    things fixes our printer most of the time.

II. from Raimondo Ballisti<>
    1) You have to be root and "abort" and "start" the printer from lpc.
    2) If this does not help, then you can reload the driver.

III. from Ricardo J Ruiz<rruiz@Census.GOV>
    You need to reboot the system. I think there is a jumbo patch for lpr
    that should take care of this problem.

IV. from <>
    % lpc down all
    % kill -9 lp_daemon_pid
    % /usr/lib/lpd
    % lpc up all

V. from <>
    Call lpc and then try
    down <printername>
    up <printername>
    restart <printername>
    This helped in our case.

VI. from Peter Allan<>
    lpc start seems more powerful than restart.
    Removing the top queued job may help.
    Also you could kill the lpc daemon & restart it.

If I loss any people, I am sorry.

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