SUMMARY:tftp on SunOS4.1.4

From: Geoff White (
Date: Thu May 11 1995 - 07:54:45 CDT

Thanks to every one who responded, I got it all working now but it
still doesn't seem to be a very secure system, here is a checklist of
things that must be set up...

1) created the /tftpboot directory and it's entries
   The directory must have 777 permissions :(
   also the upload files must exists and have 777 permissions as well.

2) added the ethernet address of the router into /etc/ethers (or NIS)

3) entered the hostname and ip address for the router into /etc/hosts (or NIS)

4) uncommented the tftp entry in /etc/inetd.conf and kill -HUP on /etc/init

If anyone knows haow to run this stuff in a more secure manner let me/us know.

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