Summary 8mm tape problem

Date: Sat May 06 1995 - 02:23:53 CDT

I received a few responces to my problem but nothing has worked so
far - Yes I regularily clean the drive. One sugestion that looked
promising was to use /dev/rmt/0l (for low density) but that
failed also.

Another suggestion which I did not try was to contact Exabyte for
a firmware revision that will correct the problem. This apparently
fixed a similiar problem for another user.

Lastly, I did as all good UNIX administrators are taught to do, PUNT.
I moved the drive to another Solaris system and it is happy in its new
home. Works fine!

Thanks to all.

>I have an Exabyte 8mm tape drive (older 2.3G) connected
>to a Sun 4/330. I have been using it regularly for backups
>of a half dozen machines that I oversee.

>Monday, I did full dump (1.4.3 ver) of three partitions in preparation
>for ugrading the 4/330 to solaris. After I completed the upgrade
>the data from the dumps was recovered with ufsrestore, no problem.

>Now I am unable to write tapes (under solaris) A ufsdump starts
>writing and after a while gets an error "writing tape x feet into tape.
>the x varies between 1 and 29 feet.

>I have used the options dsb 54000 6000 126 as i did with Sunos, as well
>as using the defaults, nothing changes.

>when I try to tar a 34 mbyte file, about 17 mbyte write before I get
>a tape write error.

>Obviously, I have tried several tapes including two right out of the shrink
>wrap. all to no avail.

I have installed solaris 2.4 with ONLY the patches provided on the distribution
CD_ROM. Is there another patch kicking around that may solve the problem?

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