SUMMARY: new 9G drives for Sparc 10/41

From: S. Cowles (scowles@pangolin.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Sat May 06 1995 - 02:00:38 CDT

My original question is shown below.

Many thanks to the list for rapid replies. Where individuals had a
preference between Seagate and Micropolis, no one prefered Micropolis.
One person cited delivery of a batch of 14 new drives in which 12 had
to be returned to Micropolis for replacement. I'm sure this example
was an extreme, however.

Thanks to the list.


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I have a quote in hand for 9G drives to be hung off a Sparc 10/41. It
offers me two options:

a) Seagate

b) Micropolis

Does anyone have opinions they'd care to share about the Micropolis
drives? Our shop already runs 4 of the Seagates and we are very happy
with them. The price difference is about 25%, though, so it's enough
to make me want to investigate the Micropolis drives.

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