SUMMARY: SOSS problem - need help from NFS gurus

From: Frode Stromsvag (
Date: Wed May 03 1995 - 10:50:55 CDT

Thanks a lot. Sorry for asking something mentioned in a FAQ
I'll get me the FAQ now.

The answer as Hal Stern correctly was the first to point out:

make sure that root is not in more than 8 groups on your
solaris client -- the client credentials could contain too
big a group entry for the SOSS server.


Casper Dik says:

The solaris FAQ says:

5.10) I get ``Invalid client credential'' when mounting filesystem on
    Solaris client from non-Sun fileserver.

    Some vendors still ship a version of RPC/NFS that allows at
    most 8 groups in the client credentials. Root on Solaris is by
    default in 10 groups. As a result, the Solaris 2.x mount
    command will send AUTH_UNIX credentials that are too big to
    cope with for the remote mount daemon resulting in the ``Invalid
    client credential'' error.

    Workaround: put root and all your users in 8 or less groups.
    NOTE: You must logout and login again for changes in the number
    of groups to take effect. (or exit root's shell and re-su)

Thanks go to:

Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer
Richard Hellier
Dave Fetrow

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