SUMMARY: NewSPrint font installation

From: Stefan Jon Silverman (
Date: Wed May 03 1995 - 17:41:37 CDT

fellow managers:

        below please find the replies i received to my original posting and the
posting itself.

        as this problem has still not yet been solved, any help from people
"_of knowledge_" who did not respond the frist time around would be most

        will summarize again as warranted....


        b c++'ing u,

        %-) sjs

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>From sjs Thu Apr 20 23:10:56 1995
Subject: NewSPrint font installation

fellow managers:

        i realize that this forum prides itself on terseness but the problem
i am having requires a few more than the usual number of words to describe.
to wit:

my configuration:

        machine: sparc 2 clone (mobius)
        os: SunOS 4.1.3
        display: X11.R6
        window manager: motif 1.2
        NewSPrint: 2.0
        print server software: small_openwin
        printer: SparcPrinter w/ sbus card


        i recently received a new font from a friend who does font-design for
a living. the font is a modified helvetica along the lines of avante-garde or
optima. it was developed on a MAC and also runs fine under MS-Windows. the
following is my situation...any help would be appreciated and i will summerize
when a reasonable number of suggestions / answers flow in.

        o took the straight .afb files and installed them in ghostview /
                ghostscript where they worked just fine w/ a sample file

        o used the framemaker conversion utilities and got them to
                display in frame (very ugly) and print out to a postscript
                file that ghostview / ghostscript displayed just fine (in fact,
                what i would have expected frame to do...but that's a problem
                for another forum...)

        o printed sample files and frame postscript files w/out the font
                installed under NewSPrint and got the expected courier output

        o printed sample file w/ embedded font descriptions and the
                NewSPrint software / sbus card thrashed for 10 minutes per
                page but eventually printed the right thing (hard to deal w/
                if multiple copies are required)

        o installed the font in the /usr/newsprint... directories
                following the directions in the manual (conversions, adding
                them to the description files, etc.) and manifest the following:

                - the sample file prints a blank page w/ no error messages
                - frame files using this font (and others) leave white-space
                  where the font should go
                - graphics lines (over- / under- strikes / lines) work just
                  fine but no alpha-numeric characters print

        o other utilities capable of eating postscript seem to be able
                to eat the files (both sample and frame) w/ no problems.

        i understand, from the rumor-mill, that installing fonts that do not
have a formal installation procedure and font license under NewSPrint is
almost impossible. has anybody out there encountered this problem??? any advice
would be appreciated.

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