From: Jeff A Sobel - ISD (nysdec!
Date: Wed May 03 1995 - 07:10:17 CDT

Apologies for taking so long to summarize. Problems with e-mail.

To date, I've received two responses. Currently investigating
what will work best for us.

Thanks to:
Pablo Ruiz (
Amy Hollander (

Original post:
> Looking for TN3270 client software to run with PC-NFS 5.0 and
> later. Have already heard about Rhumba (sp?), but have not
> looked into how to get it yet. Besides, looking for something
> cheap/free, if such a beast exists. Any help or suggestions
> would be appreciated.

Pablo Ruiz wrote:
Try qws3270 it is freee. You can get it at

Amy Hollander wrote:
Chameleon (instead of using pc-nfs) comes with its own TN3270

Jeff Sobel
Sys Admin
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Albany, NY

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