SUMMARY: scsi-2 external tape backup on SS20

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Date: Mon May 01 1995 - 11:38:11 CDT

Hello Gurus:

             The original question was :

> Which 4mm DAT and external SCSI enclosure would you recommend?

> What about an external SCSI enclosure and cable for a hard drive?

Thank you to all who responded.

The recommended ones are from Sun, HP and Exabyte.

About the tape drive, I've decided to buy an external 4mm HP DAT, for use it with our SS20 and our PCs LAN, because here ( in Argentina ) Sun prices are very high ( the X822A 4mm Dat is $3146! ) and we don't have an Exabyte reseller.

About the hard drive, I will buy a Seagate ST15150N.


Michael from (mjc - Amersham International):

Exabyte now do some nice drives. The tapes are 8mm not 4mm (HP size) which
is a down point if you have to store as many as we do, but each tape can
now handle much more data.

So check out what Exabyte and HP have. They are used a lot on Suns I have seen.

Also check out Sun's "14Gb 8mm TapeDesktop Storage Pack" (2180 UK pounds/A)
which is maybe some type of Exabyte repackaged. As far as I know the
Exabytes (at least this one if it is an Exabyte) will handle the compression
correctly. I think Exabytes are more common on Sun's than HP from what I
have seem.


Joseph P. DeCello III :

my recommendation would be to purchase Sun's 5GB external DAT drive.

It is very fast, with 90m tapes, I get up to 500kb/sec. It's the
only DAT I can guarantee to work and comes with a good, ferrit ended,
mini50 ended, cable.


Don't know about 4mm stackers (other than Sun's - which got bad reviews
on sun-managers due to compression not living up to claimed 5GB per tape),
but we've had an Exabyte 10i 8mm stacker here for about 2 years. It has an
8500 drive and holds ten cartridges, for a 50GB capacity. We use the
device in "sequential mode," so no extra software is required.


About the enclosures and cables, I've got these comments:

Louis M. Brune ( )

Your provider should be able to help you with both the enclosure and
cable. Here, I expect to pay about US$150.00 for the enclosure and as
much as half that for the cable.

Also, since you're buying a new enclosure, go ahead and get the same
connector as on the back of the SS20, if you can. It's a better
impedance fit.


David Gunn ( ) gave me some info on cable vendors:

Falcon Systems:
  Falcon Systems 1-800-326-1002
  Our sales rep (Steve Wiley):

  Our Sales rep (Dave Feringa):


Ultra Spec Cables 1-800-6-CABLES


Ramiro Gonzalez Maciel

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Buenos Aires - Argentina

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