SUMMARY: NIS domain question

From: Marc Gibian (
Date: Tue May 02 1995 - 08:36:29 CDT

Last week I posted a summary for the following problem. Unfortunately,
since then, we have had all the symptoms of the problem return. Anyone
have any more ideas as to how to trouble-shoot this problem? One
recent thought is that we know our DNS naming is totally wrong and
mal-configured... could that be causing our NIS problems?

> Original question:
> >> I have a group of machines that have been running in a single NIS
> >> domain, foo, from a single NIS master with no slaves. Today we tried
> >> to split one machine off into its own domain, setting it up as the NIS
> >> master for that domain, the new domain being named . When the
> >> server machine for is booted, it hangs all the machines in
> >> our foo NIS domain, with even the foo NIS master reporting:
> >>
> >> NIS: server not responsing for domain "foo"; still trying.
> >>
> >> I have checked my manuals and the faq and can't find anything helpful.
> >>
> >> Can someone explain what is happening? My guess would be that when the
> >> NIS master for comes up, the master for foo thinks it should
> >> be a client of and stops running as a master, then when it
> >> looks for domain foo, it can't actually find a server. But this
> >> implies there is an underlying mechanism that causes a new master to
> >> be selected other than just the NIS domain name?
> Well, I have recieved no replies on this (except for a "me-too"), but
> I believe I have the answer. In fact, this one might belong in the
> FAQ...
> The machines that were moved from the original NIS domain foo into the
> domain had old binding files for the foo domain in the
> /var/yp/binding directory. We removed the foo binding files and
> rebooted those machines. At first this seemed to work, but not any
> more.

Thanks and I'm post a summary if we get a solution...

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