SUMMARY: Networker and Backup Co-Pilot

From: John Malick (
Date: Wed May 03 1995 - 02:29:02 CDT

> Can anyone tell me if Networker will read old Backup Co-pilot tapes?

The answers were, NO.

Networker will not read BCP tapes for it writes in a proprietary format
as opposed to BCP which just uses the UNIX dump utility.

If you are going to use Networker, you can get a list of the files and
what tape they reside on your BCP tapes and read from them using the UNIX
restore or ufsrestore commands. The command to get this dump list from BCP is

# dumpdm -s dbserver -v tapelist

This command will give you a list of the files and which BCP tapes they reside
on. You can then restore the files with restore or ufsrestore when your users
request them.

Besides that, the rest of the tapes will be Networker tapes and thus can be
restored using the Networker GUI or CLI format.


There is a ol:bu_transition directory on the Networker cd which describes the
best way to transition to Networker but again does not allow Networker to read BCP
tapes directly. This may help the transition efforts...

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