SUMMARY: Proxy ftp agent

From: Bill Holzapfel (
Date: Tue May 02 1995 - 06:35:01 CDT

In response to my original message ....

>Anybody out there know where I could get a
>proxy ftp agent for SunOS or Solaris ?

I recieved the following replys, thanks to all
who responded.

        Bill Holzapfel
        dcVAST Inc.

From: "Bruce W. Pinn" <bwp@FundSERV.COM>
        Grab the firewall toolkit from ( The source is
        buried a few directories deep; however, it's an excellent proxy.

From: (Jeff Cummings)
        You may want to take a look at the CERN HTTP server deamon it doubles as a
        HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, NNTP and WAIS proxy. look at URL;

        the anonymous ftp site for precompiled binaries is in directory
        /pub/bin & src in directory /pub/www/src

From: matt@uts.EDU.AU (Jas (Matthew K))
        TIS fwtk
        compiles for both Solaris 2.x and SunOS 4.1.x

From: raoul@MIT.EDU

From: (Kevin Quinlan)
        Try the TIS firewall toolkit (from, ncftp (there may be
        other clients) and socks.

        I hope this helps.

        I don't have time right now to provide full URL's, but when I wanted
        these things I used archie.

        Let me know though, if you have any problems finding these tools.

From: jcsadmin! (John Ciesla)

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