SUMMARY: spurious phase error

From: K. Bader (
Date: Tue May 02 1995 - 03:21:15 CDT

Sun Managers,
        Sorry for the late summary but I was waiting for a miracle.
I still have the problem but I did receive 2 good responses that might
help someone else. I think I'll try to combine 2 1G disks onto a 2G disk

        Thanks for the suggestions.

From: (Steve Ehrhardt)

>The errors you're seeing are ones that I would normally associate
>with a SCSI cable problem.
>You've already tried all the "standard" fixes for cable problems, but
>I've found one that has worked for me in similar circumstances.
>*If* you have a mixture of SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 devices on the bus, this
>appears to sometimes cause problems. Adding active termination definitely
>helps, but is hasn't always done the trisk for me. If you have any
>such devices (most likely tape drives), make sure that they are the
>*last* devices on the bus. (For reference, there appears to be a
>convention in Sun peripherals that SCSI-1 devices get D-50 connectors,
>while SCSI-2 devices get micro-D connectors. This may help in finding
>which devices are of which type.)
>I can't say that I know why this has worked, but it's worked for me
>a couple of times.
>I hope this helps.

I have changed the cables several times and have the SCSI-I devices last.
Of course, it is possible that all of my cables are old and wearing.

From: John DiMarco <>

>Egad! Four disks, a CD-ROM and two tapes on one si0 controller? Evidently
>performance is not a concern....

>Get another controller and split the devices between the two. Or replace the
>490 altogether.

Thanks but no money.

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