SUMMARY: Strange NIS+ behavior

From: Brian Terry (
Date: Sat Apr 29 1995 - 03:15:47 CDT


Although numerous suggestions were offered, I think I have found the correct
one, which I will try next week. We had, in fact fully deleted the
credentials, including /.rootkey, the nis directory on the client, and used
nisaddcred -r. We tried doing a repopulate from a hosts table, and
eventually gave up and renamed the machines, repopulated from hosts, and
everything was fine. I am going to put back the old name on one of the
machines to try out our solution, which is: change the security level to 0
on the server, delete and re-add the host, then change the security level
back to 4. A customer of mine who took the advanced Solaris sys admin class
did a similar exercise in class.

BTW, the problem I had with WS2 not prompting for host information when we
did a sys-unconfigure was because we had an ethernet address entered on the nis
master for this workstation. Apparently, the host "re-learned" the data from
the nis master (obviously intended as a "time-saver"... would have been nice if
it were documented somewhere. If we disconnected from the network, and ran
sys-unconfigure, it prompted for all the data.

Thanks to all who responded. My original post follows.

> Hardware:
> FS1= Sun SS10/MP running Solaris 2.4
> WS1 & WS2=Axil 425 running Solaris 2.3
> Problem:
> Recently installed FS1 and WS1&2 and setup NIS+ with no problem. I now
need to
> move the three machines as a network, but reassign new IP addresses to all of
> them. I ran sys-unconfigure on FS1 and rebuilt the hosts table, and
> seems fine there. The workstations, however, have been problematic.
> WS1:
> I run sys-unconfigure, re-assign the IP and host information when it reboots,
> and tell it to be a NIS+ client. When the reconfigure is complete, WS1 still
> cannot locate the nis+ server. If I rerun nisclient, I get the message
that it
> is unable to authorize with the NIS+ server. I have deleted and re-created
> credential for WS1 on FS1 with no difference. As in interesting aside, (and
> maybe related) after the nisclient fails, it restores the "original"
> and /etc/nsswitch.conf, and the /etc/hosts file that gets restored is the one
> with the old IP address.
> WS2:
> I run sys-unconfigure and reboot, but instead of prompting for host, IP, and
> NIS information, the first and only question that is asked, is the
> and time data. If I just change the /etc/hosts file manually, and run
> nisclient, it behaves just like WS1.
> This is driving me crazy! This would have been a 10 minute job (including
> rebooting the 3 machines) under SunOS/NIS, and I have spent 3 hours so
far. Am
> I A) missing something obvious, B) being stupid, or C) is NIS+ being
> flaky? All of the above? None of the above? Just A&B?

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