Summary: workaround for `showrev -p'

From: Yuval Kfir (
Date: Thu Apr 27 1995 - 02:33:47 CDT

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Yuval Kfir (that's me) wrote:
> After installing some modem-related packages on Solaris 2.3, `showrev
> -p' stops working. Before, it worked fine. Now, it says:
> showrev: Method program unexpectedly terminated with signal 11.
> The packages I've installed are SUNWbnur, SUNWbnuu, SUNWpppk,
> SUNWapppr, SUNWapppu -- and I've installed the patch 101425-04 which
> fixes these packages.
> I can't get `showrev -p' to work. I thought I might just do `ls
> /var/adm/patch' and use the output -- is this an acceptable
> workaround? Is it equivalent? (I only need the patch numbers, not the
> other fancy info.) What am I risking? Where *does* `showrev -p' get
> its information?

I got back several replies. Three people suggested checking `admind',
but this process is not running on our system. Two people (Cyrille
Lefevre and Ron Nash) sent me good workarounds: in fact, the
`installpatch' script which comes with all Sun patches has a '-p'
option which uses a shell script to produce the same output as
`showrev -p'. Examine the function `myshowrev()' in that script to
find out exactly how.

AND, Sun service finally solved the problem itself! It turns out that
WHICH ARE NOT DIRECTORIES. And I had just started using such a file
to keep a manual log of package installations.

That is:
% ls /var/sadm/pkg
...<all directories>...
% showrev -p
% touch /var/sadm/pkg/x.x
% showrev -p
showrev: Method program unexpectedly terminated with signal 11.
% rm /var/sadm/pkg/x.x
% showrev -p
<works fine!>

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Yuval Kfir, Indigo Ltd., Israel (NOT an official spokesperson)
"My opinions may change but not the fact that I am right."

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