SUMMARY: backup stacker information please

From: Sue Oemcke (
Date: Thu Apr 27 1995 - 07:44:45 CDT

Hi there,

I haven't received many replies to this, but will summarise
what I do have. I guess sender out a request just before easter
is not a good idea, everyone is in the holiday spirit. If any
of you reading this can supply me with more info I'd really
appreciate it. The main things I want to know are
        What stackers for DATs are available?
        What software is needed to run the backups and stacker?

My original question:
Hi everyone,

We are currently thinking of upgrading our stacke. It's an adic DAT
autochanger model 1200C with a DDS 2 DAT drive.

I'm wondering where to look for information on what stackers
are available, cost, software availability to run the stacker,
how many tapes it will hold, etc. Any information would be
really appreciated. I'll post a summary to all.



A big thankyou to the following people who replied.
No one really suggested any DAT stackers, a couple of Exabyte
stackers were suggested. Thanks again.

 Suggests Networker from Legato
          Alexandria - a bit pricey
Don't know about 4mm stackers (other than Sun's - which got bad reviews
on sun-managers due to compression not living up to claimed 5GB per tape),
but we've had an Exabyte 10i 8mm stacker here for about 2 years. It has an
8500 drive and holds ten cartridges, for a 50GB capacity. We use the
device in "sequential mode," so no extra software is required.

smm99%hcf101@ALBNYDH2.bitnet John McFarland
We got out stacker from BoxHill NYC (212)989-4455.
It's 10 8mm tapes, 5 GB to each tape.
The software for it is actually from Alida;
   BoxHill puts you in touch with Alida.
The stacker works fine, and Alida has been excellent to deal with.

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