SUMMARY: PostScript not printing to QMS1725 on AXIS network print server

From: Mumford (
Date: Fri Apr 21 1995 - 05:25:44 CDT

Hi all,

Sorry this is a late summary but the thing is *still* not fixed despite some
great effort from the following to whom I owe *many* thanks: (Fred Salzberg)
"Peter A. Starceski" <> (Randy Fromm)
Jim Hoel <> (S. D. Raffensberger)

Original posting at the end.

I no nothing about AXIS, etc, but one thing I have frequently seen is
postscript files that are not created on a Sun often have, as the first
character, a control-D ( ^D ). On the Sun, particularly QMS printers
(815,860,1725) this is the "end-of-data" symbol (or some such meaning) and
nothing will printout. If you can edit the file see if control-D is the first
character of the file and delete it. I hope this helps.

I had what seems to be a simular problem some time ago.
Large jobs would disappear. It turned out that large jobs
printed OK on other printers but not on our three QMSes.
After looking in all the wrong places, the solution
turned out to be quit simple. There was a time-out parameter
in the QMS (accessable from front panel) which was set to small
so that large jobs were aborted when the time limit was exceded.
It was something like process-time-limit or job-time-limit or
something like that.
I'm not familiar with the 1725. We use 2200's and 2220's.
They are of an older vintage, but not *really* old.

Anyway, we cannot print everything to them either. Some
prints from CAD packages output Postscript Level 2 and
these printers only interpret Level 1. You may be running
into something similar.
You said QMS and Parallel ... make sure you have fast parallel set
for both the printer and print server. If you like call AXIS at (800) 444-
AXIS (Steve Keene).

> We have a QMS 1725 attached, by parallel, to an AXIS network printer server.
> The AXIS is defined in the printcap on an IPC (4.1.2) thus:
> wscb02:\
> :lp=/usr/spool/wscb02/null:\
> :ff=\r\f:\
> :mx#0:\
> :sh:\
> :lf=/usr/adm/wscb02.log:\
> :of=/usr/spool/wscb02/ftp_bsd:\
> :sd=/usr/spool/wscb02:
> the IPC is on out "front end" LAN and receives print requests from NASA,
> (from the PALS document system for those of you who deal with it), which
> are highly graphical and large Postscript documents (generally in landscape).
> The problem is that the documents get to the IPC, then to the AXIS (the AXIS
> has an LCD display which shows the input file size counting up), the QMS
> display the message "1 ACTIVE JOB" but *nothing* prints out.
> Unfortunately because we are using the ftp connection to the AXIS we do not
> get any error or other info back.
> I can send other .ps files to the printer OK (eg and some small
> text based .ps from NASA which are their test files for this sort of
> I am coming to the conclusion that there may be some generic problem with the
> QMS I have tried a test file to another QMS on a similar AXIS and got the
> negative result. The test file *will* print to a remote SparcPrinter on a
> SS5(Solaris2.3 & NewsPrint 2.5)
> I have this test file available if anyine wants to try it (1.2Mb)

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