SUMMARY: "periodic head cleaning" of Exabyte 8mm SCSI tape drive

From: Dan Kennedy (
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 14:55:57 CDT

My original question asked if flashing indicator lights and a "periodic
head cleaning" console message were anything to be concerned with.
Performing a head-cleaning with a head-cleaning cartridge had no
The overwhelming response to my question was to RTFM and find out that
every 30 "tape motion hours" will trigger this behavior. The key is
that the only cleaning material authorized with the unit is an EXABYTE
or EXABYTE-approved 8mm Cleaning Cartridge. If you use any other
cartridge, you void your warranty. The cartridge I had used (which
was delivered with the unit) was a Maxell. Sorry for wasting this
bandwidth but unfortunately we were never given TFM with the machine
and our supplier has no clue.
Thanks to the following people:
Sean Ward
Jeff Marble
Boyd Fletcher
Henry Unger
Dave Fetrow
Linda Cygan
Dan Saul
Matthias Kurz
David M. Di Gioia
Dave Plummer
Paul Roland
Christopher L. Barnard
David Deaves
Eric Havinga
Rick Pluta
Joe Fedock
David Gunn
Josh Personius
... and to anyone else who responds after this goes out.
-- Dan

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