SUMMARY: PC-NFSpro & Word 6.0

From: Systems Adminstrator (
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 05:46:52 CDT

Hello All

Recently I posted a problem with Word 6.0 printing under 'pro 1.1.

I received many replies the vast majority of which were very helpful, in
fact I gained more information than I needed. So thanks for the help.

The problem was cured by simply turning off the 'Print direct to network' option
in Print Manager under Options-Background Printing.

Original Text follows;

I have recently installed PC-NFSpro 1.1 on one of our PCs.
All applications but for Word 6.0 (as part of Office Pro. 4.3) print without
problems to a network printer (QMS 1660) connected using lpr to lpt2:
<machine>:pslocal. Settings are default. Background printing in Word is

lpd is not running as no services are provided by this PC. I tried running it
anyway to no avail.

The only item in question (as far as I can see) is that this copy of Word
has/had the Word Internet Assistent installed in order to allow generation of
html. I have removed the assistant and reinstalled the complete Office suite
also to no avail.

Thanks once more.

        Stephen Johnston

Systems Administrator

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