SUMMARY - Sparcstation Monitors in inverse video

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Date: Sun Apr 23 1995 - 11:29:00 CDT

Original posting:
Hi guys

Trivial point really, but irritating nonetheless, so if anyone knows the
answer I'd be grateful to hear.

I have a bunch of SparcStations (mainly 5's but the odd 20) all running
Solaris 2.3. All have 17" colour monitors with TGX frame buffer. I don't run
windows, most work is done from the command line. Occasionally, in the
middle of a vi edit or a file view with more, the monitor goes into inverse
video. It then stays in that mode until some arbitrary later edit (or more)
session and then flips back.


Most people pointed out that a simple reset or tput reset would cure the
problem. As to why it occurred, the general view was odd escape sequences
causing the screen to flip.

 Gene Loriot pointed out the following: somwhat pedantically methought :-)

"Just a point: White or light colored characters on a
black background is normal video....the opposite is inverse
video. "

What I perhaps did not make clear in the original posting (and should have
done) was that it was just the text that was flipping, not the whole screen.

And of course the problem was all mine in the first place for being so

I normally work remotely from the stations in question and my default
.profile sets the TERM environment to vt220. But when I log on the the
console..... yeah you can figure out the rest. Most of the time the terminal
mapping was ok. But I should really have changed the TERM type.

Thanks for being gentle with me guys.

Respondents are below. (Frank Henderson)
Cheri Paavola (303) 977-8585 <> (Greg Roberts) (Danny Johnson) (Gene Loriot ( (David Gunn) (Matthew Siple)
"Henry Katz" <>
Lenny Turetsky <> (John Hearns - System Manager)

My thanks to all..

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