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Date: Fri Apr 21 1995 - 15:03:38 CDT

Original Question:

> I have a Micropolis-1991 drive. I upgraded the firmware using their
> ASPIUTIL program on a PC. When I tried to reboot the PC to format the
> disk, the system came back telling me that there is no BIOS installed. I
> can't reinstall the firmware or format the disk since it does not let me
> access the disk.
> Any ideas on how to proceed? I have tried to contact Micropolis for days
> now. Their technical support has been terrible. I always end up living
> a voice-mail message but they have not returned any of my calls.
> I'll summarize,


I received only one reply and the person was questioning the relation
between my problem and this list. I forgot to explain that this drive
was attached to a SPARC20 running v4.1.3_U1 and was generating many SCSI
timeout errors. This situation caused my problem described above. I
guess I can say it is related to Sun administration in some way but at
some point a line needs to be drawn.

BTW, Micropolis finally replied to my phone calls and agreed to exchange
to drive for a new one. Firmware got corrupted.

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