SUMMARY : Is 4.1.4 worth it

From: Ted Beatie (
Date: Thu Apr 20 1995 - 15:35:47 CDT

Sorry folks, I meant to have this out a couple weeks ago, but I've been busy..

Orig message :

> I'm thinking of getting SunOS 4.1.4, and was wondering what people's
> thoughts/comments/ideas were..
> what does it have over 4.1.3? Are there "improvements"? New features?
> Bug fixes? security holes patched? anything substantially different?
> In short, is it worth it?

Basically, the feeling I got from the most folks was "no, it's not worth it
if you're not running on a HyperSparc chip machine, like the Sparc 20."

I also got "Yes, it's worth it. It has all the patches pre-installed and
is cleaner and more stable"

and "Maybe.. there's a shelltool fix, and PPP is better"

and some "Depends, you don't get much other than a few patches and bug fixes."

definately not 1
don't bother 5
yes, patches 4
maybe 2
ppp 1

But it would definately seem to be more in the don't bother category..

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