SUMMARY: Used Sparc 10 vs. clone Sparc 20

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Date: Fri Apr 21 1995 - 03:31:24 CDT

Original question:

>I am looking at purchasing a new server. I have priced out two
>different configurations: one is a refurbished Sun Sparc 10/51
>and the other is an Integrix Sparc 20/51. Both configurations
>are using 64MB RAM, 1GB SCSI drive in a server configuration
>(no monitor, framebuffer, or keyboard). They are comparable in
>price, and as I understand fairly close in performance.
>Has anyone had experience with clone Sparc 20's or refurbished
>Sparc 10's? I have had good luck myself with regard to used
>Sparc 1+'s and clone Sparc 2's.


There were fewer responses than I expected. (I would have thought
the used and clone market to be much larger.) Of the responses,
there were only two bad notes: stay away from Apogee boards and
one bad experience with a Sparc 5 clone (did everything but
Jumpstart). Everything else was good for both sides, with one note
from John Rosenberg that "SPARC 20s are markedly faster than 10s
in my experience, but of course that depends upon your applications."

I decided to go with the Sparc 20/51 clone (Integrix motherboard,
used Sun modules). I haven't got it in yet, but if you want to find
out the results, send me a message asking for a response. I will
not be posting a second summary.

Thanks to the following:

John Rosenberg <> (Anil Bharvaney) (David Gunn) (Gene Loriot ( (Andy Coe)

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