SUMMERY: Ethernet on SS2

From: Vinay Kumar Gupta (
Date: Thu Apr 20 1995 - 22:53:38 CDT

Thanks to all who responded,
Question was:-

>I want to use one of my existing SS2 sparc station as a ROUTER,
>for that i have to install one more ethernet card on that SS2.
>Does anybody knows the vendors who are currently supplying
>these SS2 compatible ethernet cards?
>If you are using these cards then what is your opinion about
>these cards.

Replies are:
1.) From Dave Haut,

Just buy it from sun. P/N X1052. It costs $1095 list and you also get a SCSI-2
i/f as well.

The X1053 is the same except a fast SCSI-2 i/f instead ...

2.) From David Gunn

Try SunExpress: 1-800-USE-SUNX

Good luck!

3.) From Anil Bharvaney
        we have a SS2 with at least 2 ethernet cards and a slip connection
        over a serial port. It is used as a router to our subnets as
        well as access over slip to our ISP...

        the ethernet card is Sun's 1053A i believe...

4.) From Steve Ehrhardt

I'm using the Sun SBE (Fast differential SCSI-2 with buffered ethernet)
boards in my SS2. Seems to work OK, and reduces the number of interrupts
that the CPU has to service. You may not need the extra SCSI adaptor(s)
though, so it may not be a good choice for you.

Sun also sells just an Sbus ethernet adaptor, but I can't vouch for how
well it works.

Hope this helps.

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