SUMMARY: SUNOS 4.1.2 patch list

From: Phil Gaskell (
Date: Thu Apr 20 1995 - 16:06:20 CDT

original question.

> Does anyone know what the recommended patches are for 4.1.2. I saw a list
> for 4.1.3 which got posted so I was wondering if anyone knew of such a list
> or where a list resides.

patch lists are on: /pub/patches

1 suggestion to go to 4.1.4
1 suggestion to speak to sun (fine if you can quote a contract or PO Number!).

the above sites seem to contain patches for 4.1.3 onwards and not specifically
a list for 4.1.2 (although some of the 4.1.3 patches apply to 4.1.2).

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