SUMMARY: problem pushing yp map

From: Dixon Ly (
Date: Sat Apr 15 1995 - 00:04:55 CDT

My original question:
> I've just created some new yp maps, put them in the NIS makefile,
> sucessfully did a 'make' at the master server. But yppush hangs
> when I use it to update the slave, etc..
> Any ideas?
> BTW, I I had this same problem on another NIS domain and it was
> fixed when we reinit the slave. I really don't want to do that
> again. Is there any other way around this? ...and yes, my
> ypservers map is up to date.

I received many replies...some asked why I don't want to reinit
the slave. Well, when we did it with the first NIS domain,
something got fouled up...and since the users here don't like
glitches while they are working at their workstations, I don't
want to try it again.

Anyhow, the solution is to find a way to get a copy or semblance
of a copy of the new map to the slave. This can be done by
using rdist, ftp, touch, or ypxfer. I used ypxfer and it worked
just fine. (...and the reason why I used ypxfer is because I
tried (or thought I tried) it with the other NIS domain and it didn't
work. But all is well, thanks to everyone.

I won't include excerpts from the replies because there are just too
many. But here are the people who I need to thank:


Again, thanks,

Dixon Ly

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