SUMMARY: Re: Can't umount /usr from single-user mode?

From: Paul Caskey (
Date: Fri Apr 14 1995 - 13:08:33 CDT

I got one response and that was enough. Thanks.


Paul> Do I have to boot from CD-ROM in order to tunefs the /usr partition?!?

Chx> Hmm ... where's tunefs?

Oh - that was one thing I forgot to mention. I copied it to /sbin.

Chx> It's in /usr/etc on 4.1.3. You could copy it to /sbin, but since it's
Chx> dynamically linked you'd have to copy the shared libs too. It's
Chx> probably easier to boot off another disk (or the CD) and do it from
Chx> there, as you suggested.

I thought of this but then I thought, 'would they really be stupid enough
to dynamically link tunefs'? I guess they were. Well, I feel somewhat
foolish, now, but not too much.

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