SUMMARY: Toshiba 3501 on Sparc1+

From: Boylan (
Date: Thu Apr 13 1995 - 21:53:38 CDT

My original question was about fastread failures when trying to install
miniroot (Solaris 1.1.1b) from the Toshiba 3501 CDROM on a Sparc1+. After
many helpful replies, we determined that the CDROM was not configured

The block size was set to 1024 bytes/sector (manufacturer's default) and must
be set to 512 to work correctly with this system. There are two solder
traces on the CDROM behind the SCSI ID selector pins which must be scored for
this configuration. Ordinarily, the vendor I use (Andataco) configures
drives for the requested platform, but in this case it was not done.
Oversight, they say.

Thanks to:

David Gunn
Louis M. Brune
Paulo Licio de Geus
Marco Campani
Harold Sims
Christopher L. Barnard

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