SUMMARY: How to duplex print w/LJ4M+ on SunOS 4.1.3U1 and JetAdmin SW

From: Robert N. Thompson (
Date: Wed Apr 12 1995 - 13:21:09 CDT

Sun Managers,

Many thanks to everyone who responded. As is almost always the case,
there is more than one solution. Most of you suggested setting up more
than one print queue, ie: one simplex, one duplex (long-edge) and one duplex
(short-edge binding.) The most straight forward answer, and _fastest_
to implement, came from Joe Fedock. His answer:

=>The trick to doing duplex printing on an HP LJ4M+ is to set up two
=>queues, one for simplex and the other for duplex printing.
=>You can run JetAdmin twice, once for each, or you can simply copy
=>the .params file from one of the queues into the other and then
=>edit it. Since JetAdmin runs so nicely, I recommend using it twice.
=>Really is very easy to do.

Other suggestions were to:

1) Use a print filter and "hack" the HP "if" filter script to
accept the print option or use a separate script to send the
proper escape sequence to the printer. (Thanks to those who sent
their versions! We will probably do this too as an additional option.)

2) Use DEC's "lpspr" software. (We just happen to have this sw
and tried it, and it does work, though it is a little more
cumbersome to use.)

3) Use the Newsprint "nptool". (We tried that, but with no success??)

4) Use "a2ps". (Will take a look at it.)

Thanks to the following sun-managers:

Original Question:

=>Subject: How to duplex print w/LJ4M+ on SunOS 4.1.3U1 and JetAdmin SW
=>The setup:
=>HP-LJ4M+ with duplexing unit, SunOS 4.1.3U1, HP JetAdmin Software
=>The problem:
=>e would like to be able to do duplex printing as a print option.
=>We do _not_ want duplexing 100% of the time (which the .params file
=>can easily be set to do and does work) but rather, we would like
=>to have it print simplex by default and then have the option to
=>do duplex "on the fly."

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