SUMMARY: Console display hang

From: Marc LeMaire (
Date: Mon Apr 10 1995 - 09:37:07 CDT

Here is the summary concerning the console display that hangs
on a SS20 with Solaris 2.4

Thanks to all of you who gave me the following possibilities.


It also happened to me. However, you don't need to reboot. Login from
another machine and do the followin command
         /usr/openwin/bin/kbd_mode -a
When killing the window manager try using this command:
kill -9 `ps -auxww | grep mwm | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`

Note: ps -auxww is BSD. to use ps in BSD mode just type /usr/ucb/ps
mwm is the Motif window manager. Replace this with the window
 manager that you are using.

from (Pablo Ruiz)

There is a known problem with OpenWin under Sol2.4 - sometimes the mouse
cursor goes away, giving the impression of a system freeze. The patch
for this problem is 101933-01. It's not in the standard patch set, but
all the 2.4 systems (Sparc10s mostly) I know have needed it.



try either:

kbd_mode -a or -e



We have seen this a number of times. Try entering <CTL> C when
trying to re - login. This brings up the login as per normal. It
works for us.

from steve@BarwonWater.Vic.Gov.Au


Add something to run "kbd -r" after X-windows exits to get out of raw
mode. Alternately (works under SunOS) telnet in and then run kbd.

from Darren FV Admin mail

VI- The strange characters is due to a baud rate mismatch...ttymon messedup.

Sometime a control-C will fix it....otherwise rlogin/telnet and kill the process
/usr/lib/saf/ttymon. It will produce a new and hopefully better one.

from epl@Kodak.COM

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