SUMMARY: Dumb Terminal Interface to Calender Manager?

Date: Sat Apr 08 1995 - 06:25:26 CDT

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Hi Managers, I was to much in a hurry to get an answer that I did not
look to the man pages. Sorry. The man pages describe:
        cm_lookup, cm_insert, and cm_delete
All these routine do what I need. I've include a very simple csh script
to allow a person to interface from prompts. We are going to use this
script to schedule the use of a comference room.

Original Message:
> Hi Managers!
> Does anyone know of a tool to interface with the
> Openwindows Calendar Manager files via a Non X Display Terminal?
> (ex. VT100 Terminal).

Thanks to the following who responded:
Scott Galloway <> (Bill McSephney) (S. D. Raffensberger 52882 (RD))
stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer) (Alan Dettrick)
Mike Rembis <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Jeff Wasilko)
bamby@Scorpio.Com (Yehuda Bamnolker) (Sanjeev Jahagirdar ) (Brett Lymn)
bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern) (GREGOR E FELLERS )
"Douglas L. Acker" <> (Frank Greco) (Maria A. Barnum)
Boyd Fletcher <> (Guy Harris) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Andy Feldt) (Jay Lessert)
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#!/bin/csh -f
# This tool is used to schedule the TTE via a dumb terminal
# Written by John Cieply
# Date: 4/6/95

setenv PATH /usr/openwin/bin:/usr/ucb:/usr/bin

echo "TTE scheduler"
echo ""
# Show the current Schedule for this date
echo "Enter the date you would like to use the TTE:"
echo -n "Enter Date (mm/dd/yy): "
set DATE=$<
if ("$DATE" == "") goto date
cm_lookup -c $CAL -d $DATE
# Ask if they still want to schedule
echo ""
echo "Do you want to schedule the TTE for $DATE ?"
echo -n "Enter (y/n)"
set RESP=$<
if (("$RESP" == "n") || ("$RESP" == "N")) goto done
# Ask for all the information
echo -n "Enter Starting Time (HH:MM): "
set START=$<
echo -n "Enter Ending Time (HH:MM): "
set END=$<
echo -n "Enter your name as POC: "
set POC=$<
echo "Enter the type of use for the TTE (Training,Customer Brief,Vendor Demo)"
echo -n "Enter usage information: "
set USE=$<
echo -n "Enter extra information: "
set EXTRA=$<
# Display all the information and ask for verification
echo "Entered Information"
echo " Date: $DATE"
echo " From: $START"
echo " To: $END"
echo " For: $POC"
echo " $USE"
echo " $EXTRA"
echo ""
echo "Is this information correct?"
echo -n "Enter (y/n)"
set RESP=$<
if (("$RESP" == "n") || ("$RESP" == "N")) goto begin

echo "Do you want this information filed?"
echo -n "Enter (y/n)"
set RESP=$<
if (("$RESP" == "n") || ("$RESP" == "N")) goto done
# insert the data into the calendar
cm_insert -c $CAL -d $DATE -s $START -e $END -w $WHAT
# Mail information to the TTE staff
echo "The TTE has been schduled for" >/tmp/schedule.tte
echo " Date: $DATE" >>/tmp/schedule.tte
echo " From: $START" >>/tmp/schedule.tte
echo " To: $END" >>/tmp/schedule.tte
echo " For: $POC" >>/tmp/schedule.tte
echo " $USE" >>/tmp/schedule.tte
echo " $EXTRA" >>/tmp/schedule.tte
mail -s "TTE Scheduled" </tmp/schedule.tte
rm /tmp/schedule.tte
# Finished
echo "Thank You for using the TTE On-Line Scheduler"

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