SUMMARY: /dev/cua/a on SPARC-20

Date: Sat Apr 08 1995 - 06:02:27 CDT


Thanks to all people for input. I still don't have complete solution.
I asked:
My platform is: Sparc-20, Solaris-2.3 (102028-01, 101318-59,101344-11).
   This is my Lotus Notes 3.2 server.

   I use /dev/cua/a to connect modem USR 28.8K Courier Dual Standard. I have
   a cable with "all" pins ( DB25 female both sides). The pins are:
   This works fine on my Sparc-10 under SunOS-4.1.3 using "hardware control".
   (I tried with/without "Y" cable )
   I stopped "ttymon" on ttya,ttyb.

   This works SOMETIMES on my Sparc-20 under Solaris-2.3.
   Problem: I can't use hardware control at all. When I set 'software control'
   it works fine at 19.2K for awhile. Hang-up doesn't work very well?!
   I set my Notes server to call another server every two hours, and hang-up
   when Mail-Routing and Replication is done. After couple connections system
   looses connection with the modem and starts looping sending init string to
   modem which is not responding any more.

Here are responses:
From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
> Problem: I can't use hardware control at all. When I set 'software control'

What do you mean by "set software control"???

For PPP and cu, the setting in /etc/uucp/Dialers works fine for us

From: raoul@MIT.EDU
SunOS and Solaris have broken hardware flow control in *every release*
since at least 4.1.1. Each one has patches, including kernel patches, that
must be installed to provide it.

Consider using hylafax software, from, to provide fax-modem
service. It's really quite good, and clever about letting you configure the
modems fully with full docs.

From: (Mumford)
I think your problem is that Solaris 2.3 does *not* do hardware flow control
on incoming data. There is a patch:

Patch-ID# 102028-01
Keywords: RTS/CTS datastream flow control
Synopsis: SunOS 5.3: POINT PATCH: RTS/CTS flow control for inc. datastream
Date: Sep/20/94

There was also the same problem under 4.1.x for that the patch id was I think


From: (Birger A. Wathne)
In a similar situation (not with notes), I set up the modem to do a complete
reset when the line was dropped. It did help on some of the worst
modem problems. But a new version of the software using the modem
seems to have cleared the problem completely.

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