SUMMARY: automount problem, SunOS 4.1.3

From: Marc Gibian (
Date: Thu Apr 06 1995 - 03:20:06 CDT

I have a need to temporarily unmount an automounted filesystem and
keep it unmounted for a period of time during which the mount point is
accessed. (I have the full initial message appended)

The majority of replies suggested that I move to indirect maps,
allowing me to modify the map for the affected mount and update
automount without restarting it. Followups indicated that this should
work even with mount points are on root (/). I will be checking this
out within the next week... I can't try it right now as we have our
primary customer here for demos on the affected machines through

An alternate approach suggested was to remove the export on the host
of the filesystem in question. This is not easy in my particular case
as it is deep into a filesystem subtree, though the idea seems quite
sound. If indirect maps don't do the job, this is the next thing I'll
be trying.

I was also pointed to two sources of more information on
automount... the AnswerBook (Hard for me to use as it needs to be
installed, and I am having trouble running the AnswerBook application
under our OSF release of X11R5/Motif 1.2.3), and the O'Reilly book on

My thanks to:
   Dan Stromberg - OAC-CSG <>
   raoul@MIT.EDU (Phil Gaskell) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
   Kai Grossjohann <>

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