SUMMARY: rdist suddenly stops working.

From: Raymond Eisenstark (
Date: Wed Apr 05 1995 - 18:39:13 CDT

My original query:

After running an rdist (inside a shell script invoked by cron) for several
months without a problem I suddenly (this morning) started to get the following

Subject: Output from "cron" command

Your "cron" job

su fnx -c "/bin/sh -c 'TOPFNXDIR=/usr/local/fnx/ export TOPFNXDIR;
/usr/local/fnx/bin/ 2>&1 | tee -a /usr/local/fnx/logs/replicate.log

produced the following output:

rdist: connection failed: version numbers don't match


The version referred to apparently is not the version of rdist because I've
made them identical; I'm rdist'ing between two SunOS 4.1.3 systems os there is
no issue of heterogeneity, and (of course) nothing has changed!! (where have I
heard that before??)

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

I will summarize.


The answer was that something had changed (natch) in fact.

Any spurious output during startup of the remote rdist causes the
far-from-intuitive version number response on the initiating end.. The most
frequent cause of this is a problem with the .cshrc or .login on the
remote, which was indeed my original problem.

However, by the time I fixed the .cshrc problem (by removing it!) I had
compounded the problem by updating the version of rdist on the remote (see
above) so I was now seeing the problem as a result of the library out
of synch message screwing things up. Once I updated the library on the remote
everything magically started working again.

Thanks to all who help on this, portions of the solution were contained in
three different replies.

Raymond Eisenstark

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