SUMMARY: NFS for PC's with Automount ??

From: Shan admin (
Date: Mon Apr 03 1995 - 12:04:25 CDT

Well, actually, there doesn't seem to be anything out there
which has the functionality i am looking for.

Most of the replies whated to know where to get the pcnfsd.

So, here is a clip from the FAQ:

C-1. What is pcnfsd? What is pcnfsdv2? What is BWNFSD?
PCNFSD is the server software run on remote systems for service access such
as User authorization and print services. PCNFSD is freely distributed. It
was originally designed for SunSelect's PC-NFS software package but has been
accepted by the X/Open committee as a semi-standard for (PC)NFS.
PCNFSDv2 is the current version of this server software.
BWNFSD is an alternate server package from Beame & Whiteside, Inc. which is
also freely distributable.
C-2. Where can I get PCNFSD for my server system?
PCNFSD has been ported to many different platforms. The following is a list
of FTP sites for the different versions:
Platform Location
SunOS 4.x, Solaris,
Ultrix 4.2
IRIX/SYSV [unsupported]
AIX 3.2 Call IBM and ask for PTF# U412556
AIX 3.2.1 Call IBM and ask for PTF# U419359
AIX 3.2.3 Call IBM and ask for PTF# U414701
MIPS platforms*
IBM MVS Call IBM and ask for PTF# UY84244 [pcnfsd v1 only]
OpenVMS 5.5 DEC TCP/IP v3.0 [product]
SCO Unix v3.2 SCO NFS [product]
HP 9000 [HP-UX 9.x] HP-UX NFS [product]
There is a combined version of PCNFSD v2 for the following systems: Sun,
Ultrix, MIPS, SGI, BSD, SVR4 which is available from:
BWNFSD (V3.0f) is available from: /pub/msdos/bws/bwnfsd /pub/bw/bwnfsd


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