SUMMARY: df command that supports >2GB

From: Tom Schmidt (
Date: Tue Apr 04 1995 - 01:57:48 CDT

Sun Managers,

In order to have my Sun3 workstations properly handle > 2GB NFS filesystems,
I used the GNU df command found in the fileutils package. Thanks to Michael
Glad for the solution. I tried this before on a Sun 4 that already had the
Online Disksuite 1.0 df command installed, and it didn't work. But it does
work for my Sun3's running SunOS 3.5.

My original post:

>Sun Managers,
> My file servers now have file systems that are greater than 2GB.
>Under SunOS 4.1.X on sparc systems, I have replaced the df and several other
>commands with the versions that come with Online Disksuite 1.0, which allows
>them to properly handle the 2^32 filesystem sizes.
> My problem is that I have numerous Sun 3 clients that also use these
>same >2GB file systems through NFS mounts. They work fine, except the df
>command shows negative sizes because it cannot handle the large FS. And
>the ODS doesn't provide replacement binaries for Sun 3 clients. Especially
>when most of these Sun 3's are still running SunOS 3.5.
> I thought that maybe a shell or perl wrapper around the df command
>may fix this. Has anyone already created such a beast that I could get the
>source for? I'm sure there are others that are interested. I'll summarize.


>From Sat Apr 1 18:07:46 1995
> Why don't you set up a csh file that does an rsh to the server and
> does the right df and put that in the sun3's /usr/local/bin? I'm
> assuming that all your users have .rhosts files that allow them to
> do an rsh on the server.
> Pat Max
> Los Alamos National Laboratory
> Los Alamos, NM 87545

I thought about doing this as part of the shell or perl wrapper idea :)

>From Mon Apr 3 03:24:27 1995
> Try GNU df, part of the fileutils package. It handles > 2gb file systems
> and other problems like SGI's not handling non IRIX NFS filesystems correctly
> and vice versa.
> -- Michael

We have a winner!

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