Summary: Disk Mirror on Solaris 2.4

Date: Mon Apr 03 1995 - 18:13:13 CDT

     Thanks for all those responses ....
     Original Question:
     Disk mirrors with Sybase on Solaris 2.4 ?
     Any special Software/Hardware requirements ?
     Responses :
     The unanymous response was the use Online DiskSuite product from Sun
     which comes bundled with the * sun server package * ver of Sol 2.4 .
     There were a couple of responses which mentioned that sybase itself
     could do mirroring without any external software.
     ODS does OS-level mirroring and is available for SunOS 4.1.X and
     Solaris 2.4 and can be bought seperately.
     There were no special hardware requirements .. though ideally a RAID
     would be preferable to use.
     Thanks for your responses: (Mike Wagner) (William Hiscox)
     Henry Unger <> (Patrick Wolfe) (Stuart Pearlman - RDR)
     Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
     Laura Taylor <>
     Vikram Dutta Email:
     Canadian Imperial Bank Voice: (212)856-3911

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