SUMMARY: Monitor Switch

From: Depuy, Scott (
Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 14:52:00 CST

> I am looking for some type of switching device that will allow me to run
> multiple (5-8 or so) Sun workstations from a single keyboard and monitor.
> Does anyone have a recommendation about a particular product or other
> of caution/wisdom.

The following 2 responses sum things up. I have not actually been able
to get any products on site yet to test myself.

In the March 1995 issue of Advanced Systems, there's an ad on page 105 for
"control 25 Suns from one console". Their product, called "serverswitch",
controls 5 Suns at a time; daisy-chaining allows up to 25. The company is:

        Lightwave Communications, Inc.
        84 Research Drive
        Milford, CT 06460
        800 871 9838 (voice)
        203 874 0157 (fax) (email)

Try Ultra Spec Cables 800-622-2537 and NUDATA 908-842-5757.

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