SUMMARY: Sparc 5 splitter cable

Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 14:41:54 CST

As usual, this list produces results faster than anything Sun has
to offer. I had requested the schematic for the serial port splitter
cable on Sparc5s. Someone pointer out that SS5s have two serial
ports, oh well!

Anyway the boards that we have are actually Cycle5, with do have only
one DB-25 connector for both of seria ports A & B. The schematic for
the SS10s seem to work just fine. Also, this is in the SPARCstation10
installation guide, starting on page 136.

Also, if you only need one serial port, just plugging in a 'normal'
1-8, 20 cable works great.

thanks again to all that responded,

Kevin Sheehan
Heggli Beat
Calum Mackay
Steve Scott
Robert Kohler
Bill McSephney
Nate Itkin
Lisa Zenobi


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