SUMMARY: Sparc 1+ Power supply

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Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 10:46:49 CST

Thanks to all that reply.

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I have just ordered a fan from RS electronics. The one on the SS1 is a
pretty standard 60mm fan.
>From what I can ascertain, Sun only sells the power supply as a whole unit.
What I can tell you is that it is an 85 watt power supply manufactured by
Sony. The model number is CR-81. Maybe with that info you can get specific
parts from Sony or other Sony authorized service locations.
Our technicians were able to fix the fan, but our scenario is one of
hard to find such items and hard to find official money to buy such
small things (the large ones are hard too:-)
This was done only once, but is just to know that it's possible and
not hard to do...
You can buy fans from any largeish electronic supply place. Here
in Seattle (for me) that's usually "Radar Electric". I haven't done
a fan transplant on the SPARC 1 but even if it's rivited a drill and
some metal screws (be careful not to leave any metal bits inside)
is sufficient.
Solar Systems (1-800-253-5764) sells the whole power supply for about $75
including 90 days warranty.
ELI Systems (1-800-447-1156) sells the same power supply for about $75
too (also with 90 days warranty).

I couldn't find any supplier that has the fan, so I decided to go for one
of the vendor listed above.

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